Crochet pineapple cushion pattern – it’s a crush!

crochet pineapple patternCrochet pineapple cushion pattern – for all the pineapple addicts like me!

Pineapples seem to be everywhere! They are on clothes, duvet covers, cups, bags, prints, lights…anywhere you can stick a pineapple it seems there is one!  I spotted these fabulous fruity shoes in Paris recently so it’s not just the UK who is obsessed with fruit!

crochet pineapple shoes

I love the latest pineapple trend (you could say I have a pineapple crush! – sorry!) so I have written a fun pattern to make a crochet pineapple cushion! The little pineapples really pop out of the front of the cushion!

crochet pineapple cushion

I really wanted to get a 3D feel to the pattern because pineapples are, by their nature, textured and I had to do quite a bit of experimentation to get them right.

crochet pineapple test

Above is the first attempt at a crochet pineapple, it was OK but not great. Although the body of the pineapple pops out a bit, they are a bit small and the leaves don’t really stand out the way I wanted, so with (quite a bit more) playing I came up with a design that makes the whole pineapple pop out of the front of the cushion!  I think it gives the cushion a great texture and makes it stand out from the crowd!

crochet pineapple

Crochet Pineapple Cushion Pattern

The pattern is made using Paintbox yarns DK Cotton, (my new go to yarn), and the pattern uses just 4 balls, so at £2.40 a ball, it is a bargain; you can make a cushion for under £10! The pattern is available over at Love Crochet to download as a pdf now for just £3 🙂

My pineapple crush (sorry!) isn’t over yet! I spotted this little drawstring bag covered in beautiful embroidered pineapples, in Zara, while in Paris. Taking a nod from the current metallic trend, I plan to have a play with some delicate, metallic pineapples next! Watch this space!

crochet pineapple bag

Fruity times x

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