Crochet pink stars bunting

pink-stars-crochet-buntingHere is the crochet pink stars bunting that was shipped today!

It was made for a little girl called Victoria and the brief was to create some bunting, decorated with stars, in lovely shades of pink.  I was a bit worried though that 10 pennants (8 letters and 2 end pennants) decorated with felt might look a bit flat though, so I made some star decorations from gorgeous Cath Kidston Spray Flowers fabric and some very pretty baby pink checked gingham fabric (sorry, I don’t know where it came from).

pink stars bunting moodboard

My design skills rather let me down with the mood board as I don’t know how to sample a pattern to use within a Photoshop paint brush (if someone out there does know I would love your advice!) so I had to just describe what I meant and fortunately the lovely people trusted my description and were Cath Kidston fans!

pink stars buntingEach star is hand cut and sewed on as an applique individually – fiddly to do with fabric but so worth it I think!

pink stars bunting crochetEvery crochet name bunting project is made by hand, by me to order so you can choose any color or combination of colors and design. If you’ve got something in mind or an idea get in touch at; I love a challenge!  If you fancy some inspiration, I have a gallery on Pinterest of some of the commissions I have done for crochet name bunting. Let your imagination go!

crochet pink stars buntingMillie x

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