Crochet Spaceman Helmet Hat

handmade child crochet spaceman helmet hat

Now I have a little bit more time (baby Custard is going to bed at 7pm!!! I am soooo proud of him for this) I’ve had a bit more time to think back about some of the commissions I have been lucky enough to do and the spaceman helmet hat was a definite favorite.

crochet spaceman helmet hat handmade for children

The spaceman helmet hat was originally commissioned by a professional children’s photographer based in Houston, Texas, USA. It is made of soft 100% cotton yarn and has a visor (non-working, unlike the knight helmet hat), a detachable chin strap fastened with some sparkly, spaceman inspired buttons and of course a special interplanetary insignia on the side hand-sewn in felt.

crochet helmet hat spaceman

The insignia for this spaceman’s crew owes quite a bit to NASA but I don’t think they will mind…I hope!

It has been designed to look as much like a spaceman helmet hat as possible but it is still an actual hat that will do what hats are supposed to do – keep little heads warm.  As I have said before, I am sometimes tempted to create hats with amazing add-ons but ultimately they have to be worn (and kept on) by babies and children and that means that if something looks wonderful but contains sharp parts such as wire or is just too cumbersome it wont be any good. Practicality does have to be a major consideration.

handmade crochet spaceman helmet hat for a babyI make a huge range of hats, some of which, like the owl hats and monkey hats are available almost immediately and I also do lots of other hats which take a little bit longer which I make as commissions including the spaceman helmet hat, robot hat and even a crochet crown hat! There is a little gallery of some of my creations on Pinterest so if you have an idea please get in touch at, I do love a challenge!

Handmade crochet hats start at £19 and commissions are priced according to the complexity of the design and the amount of yarn used. Spaceman helmet hats are priced at £24 including free postage and packing.

Millie x

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