Crochet Valentine Pattern in Afrikaans!

free crochet valentine tutorialThe free crochet valentine pattern is now available in Afrikaans!

I definitely cannot take credit for this beautiful creation – it is by the very, very talented Monica who runs a beautiful blog called ‘Hekel Idees’. I sadly can’t read (or speak for that matter) Afrikaans but the photos are beautiful and it is worth a look just to enjoy some of her work.

free crochet valentine pattern

I love how Monica has interpreted the pattern – it looks really quite different and it just shows how you can take a really simple idea and make it your own.

Monica has added a ‘mailing label’, felt embroidered heart and embroidered stamp with a cute button.  So different, but the same idea!

Here is my version of the crochet valentine pattern.  But, I actually think I prefer Monica’s!

crochet valentine free pattern

Writing patterns is something I wanted to do when I first started blogging but it took me a while to gain the confidence to actually do it. As a self-taught crocheter I always worry that I have made up terminology or stitches or that what I write just wont make sense!

But I do so enjoy seeing the results of people who have followed my patterns.  I have a little gallery of crochet birds from all over the world – America, Russia and Argentina to name a couple! Every time someone sends me a photo I am quietly thrilled the pattern has worked and then fascinated with what someone has created.

All of my patterns are free and I publish them because I want to give something back in the form of inspiring someone to pick up a hook and enjoy crochet as much as I do.

I do always give permission for people to make items to sell for charity (although please ask first) but I would hate to have someone copy a pattern and claim it as their own. My lovely friend Claire from Crotchety Things and I had a really interesting chat recently about what constituted copying – how do you know if you have been heavily inspired by something or you inadvertently create something very similar to someone else? I don’t actually know the answer – does anyone have any good rules of thumb about what constitutes copying versus inspiration?

Keep crocheting if you already are, and if you aren’t, then give it a go – it’s very addictive though! And if you make something from one of my patterns please do email me a photo at

Millie xxx



  1. Thank you for sharing my work with your readers Millie! Your envelope really inspired me.

    Your work is original and beautiful and the pattern was easy to follow. I also believe in giving something back in the form of inspiration. I do tutorials and give away free patterns on my blog as well and yes my patterns are also free to use by anyone who want to create an income. All I ask in return is to give me credit for the pattern used.

    My pennies worth about your question to know when it’s copying or inspiration. I think the moment you use someone elses pattern it’s copying. It’s not copying when you work from different ideas and create a new one. I think that when someone inspires you to create something it should be mentioned as well. That way you can use someone elses idea and mention that the pattern was inspired by so and so. It’s a very thin line and not an easy question to answer.

    Keep on crocheting and doing what you do. You are an inspiration!

    Keep well
    Monica 🙂

  2. I love this little envelope and plan on using the idea to make envelopes for my wedding invitations in September ….. 🙂

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