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wool yarn storage ideasYarn storage sorted…for now.

I have learnt something rather shocking about myself this week – I am a hoarder!  This has come as something of a surprise as I had always considered myself to be a ‘don’t need it, get rid of it!’ sort of person.  I seem to drop bags of assorted stuff off at the charity shop on an almost weekly basis and I recycle so much stuff that the two weekly doorstep collection is woefully inadequate and I have to do a drop myself at the central recycling centre on alternate weeks.  But when it comes to yarn, I most definitely am a hoarder!

yarn storage ideas

One of my new years resolutions was to tackle a small project (a cupboard/drawer and so on) each week and I have been very successful.  The airing cupboard, toy cupboard, children’s room and my wardrobe have all been sorted out and I have had a real sense of achievement each time I have completed a small unruly corner of my home. The local Mind charity shop has done very well over the last month and I have a small sense of pleasure each time I have walked past their window and spotted something that had previously been languishing, unloved, in my home, now prominently displayed in their window.  Hey, they thought it was good enough to put in the window!

yarn storage solutions

This week’s corner was my yarn stash.  2 boxes under the bed, stuffed completely full of random balls of yarn and sheets of felt.  I could never find what I was looking for and I had started to buy more yarn just because I couldn’t find what I was actually looking for.  Dangerously expensive!

And so, this morning I set to and pulled everything out and quickly realised I needed to expand to 3 under the bed storage boxes.  I have A LOT of yarn.

I can never walk past a yarn or craft shop without popping in and I love to buy pretty colours and unusual yarns.  Because a lot of what I make only uses small quantities, 1 ball or less of each colour, I can happily buy one ball knowing I will be able to find a use for it….but I have evidently been buying lots of balls of yarn…

felt and yarn storage

So, I know have beautifully tidy yarn storage and I have found all sorts of forgotten treasures.  But I now need to find a new home for the contents of the other box, which was full of other stuff.  I need to tidy another corner to make more space.  But not before I have used some of my newly rediscovered yarn!

yarn storage

Millie x


  1. Oh, I’m jealous of your gorgeous, colorful yarn stash! And that it’s organized! I recently got my scrap yarn organized, but I haven’t tried to tackle the full skeins yet.


  1. […] mentioned a couple of times over the last months that I have been tidying, clearing and organising myself.  I started this year with a resolution that I would tackle one ‘job’ in my […]

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