Crochet mistletoe bunch brooch

crochet mistletoe bunch brooch


Crochet mistletoe bunch brooch – a great adaptation of a simple pattern!

I love to take a simple idea or crochet pattern and think about how it could be adapted or changed to become something else.  I was asked by a lovely lady who wanted a piece of crochet mistletoe if I could make and send her a couple of pieces to wear at the breakfast after her Christmas wedding.  I immediately said I could do one better than that and make her a little bunch of mistletoe and ta dah!  The crochet mistletoe bunch brooch was born!

Crochet mistletoe bunch brooch

The crochet mistletoe bunch is a reworking of the crochet pattern from the Ruby & Custard crochet book.  In the book there are written instructions and a chart to create a really simple, but beautiful piece of crochet mistletoe. Using the original pattern I didn’t just make two leaves, I extended the stork and added extra leaves.  To make it 3D I added  a ‘regular’ piece of mistletoe on top and sewed the 2 together. With beautiful hand sewn pearls and a butterfly pinch pin on the back to make it into a brooch, I really hope the lovely Christmas bride will enjoy wearing it! 🙂

crochet mistletoe bunch brooch

I like to mount my single crochet mistletoe brooches onto little cards with messages for the recipients – they make great little gifts for people and of course lovely stocking fillers!

crochet mistletoe brooch


Of course, this is not the first time I have adapted the crochet mistletoe pattern!  I have previously used it to make pretty little Christmas heart wreaths out of lots of crocheted mistletoe.  This idea is really simple – make lots and lots of crochet mistletoe, grab a pretty wreath (I like the heart shaped ones but round ones would work just as well!), a glue gun and stick the pieces of crochet mistletoe onto the wreath and hang it up!  Instant crochet Christmas impact!

Crochet mistletoe decoration

I hope you are all on schedule with your crochet Christmas projects?  Not long to go now…

Millie x

crochet mistletoe bunch brooch handmade



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