Flowers and birds pink crochet bunting

Pink crochet bunting is very popular at the moment and I do so love making it.  Each string of pink crochet bunting has handmade crochet pennants, handsewn felt letters and crochet flowers and buttons.  What I really love is that each string is completely unique because each one is made to order.

flowers and birds pink crochet bunting

I also do lots of slight variants to match bedrooms or favorite colors and they are often the most exciting projects to work on.  This week I have been creating a flowers and birds pink crochet bunting project to match a little girl’s bedroom theme.  She has a beautiful wall sticker of a tree with pink birds in it. Isn’t it lovely?

bird wall sticker inspiration for pink crochet bunting

The brief was to create some pink crochet bunting, decorated with birds and flowers in shades of pink and mint green to compliment the wall sticker.  I also added little green leaves throughout to really echo the birds and tree theme.

pink crochet bunting moodboard

Rather than just flowers at each end, this pink crochet bunting also has an embroidered bird surrounded by flowers. And of course masses of buttons! I am so pleased with the way it came out and I really hope it settles in well to its new home.

bird pink crochet bunting

Birds and wall stickers and art seem to be very fashionable at the moment.  There are some really amazing photos of bedrooms with wall stickers of trees and birds similar to the one that inspired this project. Here are a couple of my favorites but there is lots more inspiration on my Kid’s Room board on Pinterest.

pink crochet bunting wall sticker inspirationAnd if you are looking for inspiration for your own personalized crochet bunting there is a little gallery to show you some of the projects I have created in the past over on Pinterest in the Handmade Crochet Bunting board.  Or, if you have an idea please get in touch at! Prices start at £40 for 6 pennants.

I am also continuing my mini love affair with crochet birds and I will be starting work on the pattern soon I promise!

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