Free crochet Christmas tea cake cover pattern

Crochet tea cake christmas pattern

Free crochet Christmas tea cake cover pattern! Ok, I know we haven’t even got as far as Halloween yet but I was contacted by the fundraising team at St Luke’s Hospice, Cheshire who are running a campaign to raise funds through the sale of knitted Christmas puddings which cover a Tunnocks tea cake.

For anyone not familiar with a Tunnocks tea cake, they are delicious biscuits topped with marshmallow and covered in chocolate (and only 106kcal each!)

The team had spotted an image from the Ruby & Custard crochet book of my calorie free Christmas puddings on Pinterest and originally wondered if it could be repurposed.

Crochet Christmas Pudding
calorie-free Christmas puddings!

Unfortunately, the calorie-free ones are too big but, because they are a great charity I agreed to write them a free crochet Christmas tea cake cover pattern to help their campaign.

Free crochet Christmas tea cake cover pattern

You can either make some for yourself to sell or you can make some and send them to the charity and they will sell them for you!

If you would like to post your crocheted puddings, please send them to:

Mandy Shaw, Community Fundraiser
Grosvenor House

I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Millie x

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