Free crochet crown applique pattern

free crochet crown appliqué pattern details

Free crochet crown applique pattern – the second part of the mystery missing patterns!

In my last post I talked about the new free crochet pattern now available here – a free crochet bunting pattern – and this is now the second instalment of the mystery missing patterns from the book – the free crochet crown applique pattern! As I said before the pattern was cut at the last minute but the photography was included and has appeared in Prima Makes magazine and lots of people have been in touch to ask if it is possible to get hold of the pattern so I am nw happily sharing the lovely little crochet crown applique pattern!

Free crochet crown applique pattern

It’s a simple but effective pattern that uses a really small amount of yarn (perfect for using up ball ends) and works up very quickly!  It is also really versatile and can be used to decorate almost anything! I used it to decorate bunting in the book but it really could be used for so many things!

With the Queen’s 90th birthday coming up on Thursday 21 April you could get all patriotic and make some very regal decorations – and don’t panic if you think it is too late, her official birthday isn’t until June so you still have time to make some royal inspired items!

free crochet crown applique pattern

I know that both the free crochet bunting pattern and the free crochet crown applique pattern are going to be used to decorate a hall for a village party and if you make something from any of my patterns please do let me know – I love to see what people make and create from them; it’s so exciting to know that I have inspired someone!

I’ve been working on a very patriotic cushion cover – so simple – squares made in Htr (UK half treble) crochet, each with a crown appliqué sewn onto the centre and then each square has been crocheted together. Simple but very effective!

So what will you make with the latest free patterns?  I’m looking forward to seeing your creativity!

Millie x

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