Free crochet rainbow pattern for the NHS and Pride

Free crochet rainbow pattern to brighten any day!

Free Crochet Rainbow Pattern for the NHS and Pride

In the UK the rainbow has become a symbol of hope, with hundreds of thousands of people putting pictures of rainbows in their windows as part of the Global Rainbow Trail. There is also a free story from the NSPCC called ‘The Cloud and the Rainbow’, which tells of a lonely little cloud called Colin who is reminded to have hope when he sees a rainbow and realises he’s not alone. You can read The Cloud and the Rainbow here – it’s a wonderful story to give us all hope that this will pass and things will be brighter soon.

We’ve had two rainbows in our windows overlooking the street for a while now and as lockdown has gone on (and on) they have sadly started to fade but I know that seeing all of the rainbows along our street has given many people so much joy – we even received an anonymous note from an admirer! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that a small thing could be bringing so much joy.

So, to continue the rainbow theme I was inspired to create a new rainbow display on my front door – in crochet of course! I used my free crochet rainbow pattern to decorate a twig wreathe and then added some ribbons, bows and buttons. A happy rainy afternoon filled with some yarn, a hot glue gun and a twig wreath! Perfect! I hope it brings a smile to people walking past our house.

You can use the free crochet rainbow pattern for lots of different types of projects including as an appliqué – maybe even to create a rainbow t-shirt or cushion? June will bring us the start of Pride month in the Uk so hopefully it can be used for that too! I’d love to see what you make so please do send me photos on social media or email me at

We’ve also been trawling Pinterest for crochet and kids craft ideas and thought I would share one of our projects – rainbow letter art. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with some buttons, PVA glue and some repurposed Ikea frames! I love seeing inspiration so please share your ideas with me!

On a serious note, I hope everyone is staying safe and well. If anyone needs any help with a crochet pattern please get in touch, I am always happy to try and help. No one needs to be alone so please don’t be a stranger and please stay safe,

Millie xxx

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