Free crochet strawberry pattern

free crochet strawberry patternFree crochet strawberry pattern because it’s June and Summer must surely be on its way…?!

Although it’s June and it is supposed to be Summer in the UK I actually had my heating on last week as it was so cold – anyway, I am an eternal optimist and with Wimbledon on the horizon and the prospect of strawberries and cream, I intend to create my own sense of Summer by crocheting strawberries instead!

free crochet strawberry pattern

Free Crochet Strawberry Pattern

This is a free super simple crochet strawberry pattern to create life size little strawberries.  I have used them to decorate little cakes (these crochet cake patterns are from the Ruby & Custard Crochet book) and to create a Summer display in my studio.  My studio is looking really rather tidy at the moment as it will be in next month’s Inside Crochet magazine, but more of that later!

I have also filled a Bonne Maman jam jar with some of my strawberries for the children to play with in their ‘shop’.

Free crochet strawberry pattern jam

I love Bonne Maman jam jars and have amassed a large collection of them to store all sorts of thing but in particular my colour coded buttons (OCD? Moi?).  Just looking at them makes me happy!

free crochet strawberry pattern jam jarsLots of lovely buttons and of course a handy ‘grab’ selection of yarn!  Perfect!

Anyway, I digress, I really hope you enjoy the free crochet strawberry pattern and that it inspires some Summer feeling out there!  If you are stuck for inspiration for Summery ideas I have a little British Summer Pinterest board to get your creative ideas spinning.

Enjoy, and remember if you make something with any of my free crochet patterns or crochet patterns from the book please do share them with me. I love seeing what you make 🙂

Millie x



  1. I am going to have to buy your book, it looks gorgeous! Unless I win it of course!

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