Free easy crochet Pansy pattern

free easy crochet pansy pattern

A free easy crochet pansy pattern for a Spring day!

I adore pansies – their big fat petals and their huge array of colours – they are the perfect plant to add some Spring charm to pots and flower beds. I was going to take some photos of the pansies and of course their smaller cousin the violas from my garden but a sudden fierce rain storm has left them looking a bit dishevelled – and there was also rather a lot of sandpit sand on top of them…but that’s another story about the small Custard’s desire to ‘garden’ when I am not paying attention!

And so, instead I bring to you a free easy crochet pansy pattern to brighten up any sunny or rainy Spring day!

free easy crochet pansy pattern

This is a super simple and effective (rather than botanically correct) pattern to create a crochet pansy. It’s perfect for lots of different projects – you could make a wreath like my Spring flower wreaths or perhaps make a crochet brooch corsage? It will look lovely alongside the free crochet pattern for a daffodil! I really hope you can get creative with it and make some lovely things!

If you do make something I would love to see it!  Email me at – I am so inspired by what people do with the free crochet patterns and I adore seeing your creations!

So, I really hope you are inspired to get crochet pansy (and of course crochet daffodil) happy and drive away the Spring showers with some happy hooky time 🙂

Again, I apologise for being so quiet; I very much hope life will settle down soon and I will once again be able to share the happiness of the simplicity of the hook and yarn. Until next time, and with love for your kind words on the last post,

Millie xxx


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