Gorgeous free gift wrap

I’ve always offered free gift wrap with anything bought from Ruby and Custard – tissue paper, gift bags, satin ribbon and tags finish everything off nicely.

Spot tissue paper in gift bag

gift tags

I’ve just bought some fabulous new tissue paper which is wonderfully spotty! It comes from the lovely people at Morplan and I can’t wait to wrap orders in it!

Millie x

Craft business advice

Investing in quality wrapping materials is definitely good advice for anyone thinking of starting a small or craft-based business. If you are spending hours making a high-quality product you should ensure that you present it as such! It’s so much nicer to receive something beautifully wrapped and presented 🙂

Good quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. You can make your own gift tags using business card suppliers – Vistaprint have often got amazing offers on standard size printing and you can upload a design and then punch holes using a funky shaped punch. And you can save huge amounts by buying items in bulk. Mailing bags can cost over £1 each when bought separately, whereas bought in bulk the cost can drop to around 20pence each! Every extra cost will affect the price you can sell your creations at so it’s worth thinking carefully about where you can make savings which can be passed on to your customers.



  1. […] to be a new card for gift wrapped items.  Everything sold by Ruby & Custard has the option of free gift wrap and until now I have only had small gift tags available so I plan on this becoming the start of a […]

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