Handmade Bunny Rabbit Hat

bunny rabbit hatHere is a little bunny rabbit hat for a very special little girl.

This is my version of a bunny rabbit hat which I have just finished for my niece.  There are lots of bunny rabbit hats out there but I wanted to do something that was pretty and practical.  And here it is!

crochet rabbit hat It’s made using 100% cotton yarn with a cuddly soft fluffy trim.  It has long flopsy ears, lined with pink. a little pink nose, shiny button eyes and of course little soft whiskers!

I originally planned to make a big pom pom tail but then I thought about it and realized that as my niece is just under one, she will actually spend quite a bit of time when outside tucked up in a cosy pram so a pom pom would make it hard for her to rest her head back.  I have always thought that a fabulous looking hat that isn’t practical isn’t worth making as it wont get worn.  So I made a soft, fluffy tail, but flat so that she can rest her head easily.

fluffy tail bunny rabbit hatBunny rabbit hats are made to order and can be in any colour you like – white, grey or brown or something less traditional if you fancy it! They cost £22 including free UK postage and packing.  Email me at millie@rubyandcustard.com

I love commissions so if you have an idea then please get in touch. I have pulled together a Pinterest board at with some of the examples of my work so you can see what other creations I have done :). Commission hats are priced based on the complexity of the design and therefore the time they take to make and also the amount of yarn used.  Prices start from £19.

Millie x


  1. So cute! Have a nice week-end!


  1. […] of Easter bunny hats recently and they are so much fun!  Lovely long floppy ears, little pink or brown noses, shiny button eyes and soft whiskers. Not forgetting the fluffy trim and fluffy, but flat tails to […]

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