Handmade Crochet Flowers bunting

handmade crochet flowers bunting

Handmade crochet flowers bunting in some bright, bold colours!

I haven’t done any commissions for a while as I decided to give myself a little break but I have just completed this string of bright and bold handmade crochet flowers bunting!

It was a very specific colour palette request to go with a little girl’s favorite outfit – it was quite fun to do something quite different from my normal style and I had to be pushed to make it even bolder!

I started out with a far more muted mood board with an emphasis on the pinks within the colour scheme…

handmade crochet flowers bunting moodboard

but the client wanted more colour so of course I happily obliged! It’s one of the benefits of always putting together the design digitally before starting – that way, I know exactly what the end product needs to look like and the client gets to be certain it will be perfect for the recipient!

handmade crochet flowers bunting moodboard 2

The more observant amongst you will also notice that my initial design actually spelt the little girl’s name wrong! Ooops! Yet another benefit of creating a design mood board!!!!

Anyway, typo corrected and colour palette decided I was really pleased with the results!  Let’s hope the client and little Lilly are pleased with their new handmade crochet flowers bunting too! 🙂

handmade crochet flowers bunting Lilly

I’ve updated my Pinterest personalised name bunting board if you want to check out my other designs!

Millie x

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