A Handmade Crochet Robot Hat!


Crochet robot hatRobot hat ready for action! Here is another commission I have recently finished for a robot mad little boy.

It is made in 100% cotton yarn and after the fun I had with the 3D elements of the ‘yellow alien inspired by a  Minion hat’ I made a soft ball antennae at the top and soft padded aerial receivers’ at the ears.

Robots are quite a tough subject as there are so many different types.  Should I go all silver and grey and a bit modern?  Or futuristic and Star Wars inspired?  I was inspired by the classic wind-up style robots and in usually made of tin.  They have a beautiful, slightly retro colors and plenty of personality.

Robot hat inspiration

I didn’t want my robot hat to be too scary so I tried to give him a relatively smiley mouth and soft eyes.

Crochet robot hat

Although I had lots of ideas about making extra antennae for him in zig-zag shapes and spirals I couldn’t see a way of achieving it without using pipe cleaners or anything containing wire which would mean that the hat could be a danger to a child when playing or younger children, and of course it would be a lot less durable – and I really can’t see the point in giving something to a child and then worrying about how they look after it or what they do in it!Handmade crochet robot hat

I really enjoy taking commissions so if you have an idea for a hat, or for anything else please get in touch.  I love a challenge!  For each commission I will usually draw a sketch so you can see what type of thing I am trying to produce and make any alterations of course you get to choose co lours and details.

Here is the robot sketch – rough but you can see what I was thinking!

crochet robot hat design

I am pulling together a Pinterest board at the minute with some of the examples of my work so you can see what other creations I have done 🙂

Commission hats are priced based on the complexity of the design and therefore the time they take to make and also the amount of yarn used.  Prices start from £19.

Millie x



  1. Do you sell this pattern anywhere?

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