Handmade minion hat – another 2!


handmade minion hatHandmade Minion hats (or little yellow, goggle-wearing aliens if anyone from film or image rights owners is looking) have become a much in demand item! After the first handmade minion hat I received lots of inquiries, but it was just before Christmas and baby Custard was busy reminding me just how much work brand new little people are and I just couldn’t do them. But, fortunately for me, lots of the lovely people were willing to wait for me to catch up with myself, and here are the first two of the new year!

handmade minion hat baby

One is for a 2 year old and the other for a 15 year old – proof that the appeal of a handmade crochet hat is pretty broad!

handmade minion hat crochet

I still haven’t seen the film(s) so I’m not actually sure what the plural of minion is but I have developed a real affection for these little smiley yellow aliens. Each one has come out a little differently – with their own personality I think.  The eyes and smile seem to change each one and give them a little character of their own. And my favorite bit is definitely the little dungaree tops with their buttons!

handmade minion hat crochet

I’ll be sorry to see these two go off to their new homes and my little girl was rather upset that one of them wasn’t for her so I need to make another one that will continue to live with me pretty quickly! The start of 2014 has already been very busy though with multiple handmade minion hats, pirate owls and two personalized bunting orders – in just the first week! Still, it is a brilliant excuse to avoid the spring cleaning!

Handmade Minion hats are made to order, by me, and can be made in any size you like – from very little baby to grownups and big kids! They cost £24 including free UK postage and packing.  If you would like to order a handmade Minion hat please email me at millie@rubyandcustard.com. I also have a gallery of some of my hats and commissions and lots of lovely personalized bunting on Pinterest if you are looking for some inspiration!

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