Knitted Cupcakes and Flowers

handmade-knitted-cupcakes-decorated-with-flowersKnitted cupcakes are just so much fun!

These are some knitted cupcakes I made a couple of years ago and I came across the photos while looking for inspiration for play food for my little girl.  She has started to get really into make believe – playing ‘shop’ and holding teddy bear’s picnics and tea parties – and I have been looking for ideas for things to make to fire her imagination!

handmade-knitted-cupcakes-on-cake-standKnitted cupcakes is one of the first patterns I ever wrote and it was ‘BC’ (before crochet).  It’s super simple and gives a knitted cake form and case and then each cake is decorated with felt flowers, beads, buttons and the occasional strawberry!

knitted cupcakesNow I have found these photos I will definitely look out the pattern and write it up into a tutorial.

knitted cupcakeThey are very versatile and can be decorated with lots of different ‘handmade toppings’ but these were made with lots of beads – lovely to look at but not great for a small child who might be tempted to try and eat one – they don’t contain any calories but they don’t taste very nice!

Jolly good fun and fat free -just my type of thing!

Millie x

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