Lilac and pink crochet name bunting

It is lovely to receive repeat orders from customers – it really shows that they liked my work enough to order something else.  This week I finished a second order of crochet name bunting for a customer.

personalised crochet name bunting

I made some lovely pink bunting, decorated with flowers for a little girl called Blythe for them and they saw the bunting I made for sisters Isabel and Jessica, and liked it so much they ordered a second string of bunting for Blossom in the same design and color scheme as Jessica’s.

pink and lilac personalised bunting

The bunting is made in shades of pink with splashes of lilac and decorated with handmade crochet flowers, buttons and hand-sewn felt letters.

personalised name bunting design

I really hope Blossom (what a beautiful name!) likes it!

Millie x

P.s I have a gallery on Pinterest of some of the commissions I have done for name bunting if you are looking for inspiration

personalised name bunting girl

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