For the love of crochet owls

crochet owls

Crochet owls – I just love them! Owls seem to be everywhere at the moment; go into any home interiors store and you will see owl cushions, owl bedding, owl photo frames, bookends and more, card shops have ranges with owl themes and there are plenty of clothing items and accessories, everything from hair clips to t-shirts and bags featuring owls – it seems I am not the only owl fan out there!

We have been a bit owl crazy for some time here; we even had an owl themed birthday and christening party!  And of course I do lots of owl hats and owl bunting.

crochet owl pattern

I have wanted to write my own crochet owl pattern for some time.  There are lots available of crochet owl patterns on sites like but none were quite what I wanted.  I’m really pleased with how they have come out!  I made 4 little crochet owls in the end for a special project I am working on (it’s top secret though so I can’t say anymore right now – sorry!).  Here they are in action 🙂

crochet owls hanging

Crochet Owls inspiration

There is plenty of owl inspiration on and I even have a board just dedicated to ‘owl love’. There are some amazing projects and beautiful images to get you inspired.

I promise I will talk more about this little owl pattern when I can…just watch this space! 🙂

Millie x

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