Multiple Minion hats

handmade minion hatsMinion hats…I’m getting good at them…or not as the case may be!!!

I received an order of a Minion hat from America last week – it’s so lovely to think that people around the world are looking at this blog!

Anyway, I sat down and started to create a lovely new goggle-wearing little alien and I think a combination of tiredness (it’s been 3 months without unbroken sleep now thanks to baby Custard) and distraction (ironing, cleaning and general life management) I realised after I had made the body that what I had made was too small for the order. Oh well, I thought, baby Custard will grow into it and enjoy wearing it; we aren’t due warm weather any time soon here in the UK. So, I started another little yellow friend and merrily got stuck into the lovely rhythm and then three-quarters of the way through realised I had missed 2 crucial shaping rows about an hour and a half before. The second of the Minion hats was in fact the same size as the first one i.e. too small!

Minion hat

It was third time lucky and the smiley faced, dungaree wearing, yellow alien was finished in the right size but I have been shaking my head in wonder – getting it wrong once is ok but twice..? Oh dear! Anyway, I now have 2 Minion hats that will fit approximately a 6-12 month head. Email if you would like one!

Minion hat handmade

Handmade Minion hats are made to order, by me, and can be made in any size you like – from very little baby to grownups and big kids! They cost £24 including free UK postage and packing.  I also have a gallery of some of my hats and commissions and lots of lovely personalized bunting on Pinterest if you are looking for some inspiration!

Millie xxx



  1. What fun and amazing! I specially like the blue one. Greetings!


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