Newborn twin owl hats

Newborn twin owl hatsNewborn twin owl hats – all together aww!

Twins? Gosh that makes me go all a bit gooey and then full of wonder and admiration.  Baby Custard and his bigger sister are a handful. But twins? Wow!

This little pair of hats is destined for a brand new brother and sister.  You can’t tell from the photos, but they are ever so slightly smaller than normal newborn hats as this set of twins was due to be dinky, and the person ordering them wanted to have something they could wear a bit sooner than growing into regular sizes.  If you check, a lot of the labels on 0-3 month baby clothing it is often 10lbs or 11lbs plus, so smaller babies can take months to fit into them.  For a gift it is really lovely to have something hand made which they can wear a bit sooner.

handmade crochet newborn twin owl hats


These newborn twin owl hats are the same design but one in pink and one in blue.  Rather than full on stripes, they are colour block with a double contrast stripe on each hat – the same cream is used on both hats to tie the design together. And of course the pink one has a little flower at one ear!

newborn owl hatsThe same, but different! Obviously made using super soft 100% cotton yarn with no nasty acrylic or hard bits – perfect for delicate little newborn heads.

As these newborn twin owl hats were gifts they were wrapped and sent with white gift bags with matching pink and blue ribbon.  Ready to be handed over to the proud (and probably rather tired parents)!  And of course gift wrapping is free of charge on all orders!

newborn twin owl hats

Handmade crochet owl hats are £19 including free UK postage and packing and are available in a rainbow of colours – but the most popular are pink or blue!  They are available in sizes from newborn to grownup. If you would like some inspiration or fancy something a bit different I have a gallery of some of my hats and commissions and lots of lovely personalized bunting on Pinterest.

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