Pink rose crochet name bunting

I love creating crochet name bunting. I treat each order like a mini commission and I take a brief and create a design which I get approved before starting work. Treating each order like this means that I get to be really creative and I can work with the customer to change little elements if I have an idea, or if I buy some lovely new yarn or some particularly fabulous buttons.

Pink flowers name bunting

One of my latest creations was made to decorate a little girl’s bedroom and the brief was to use the color pink and flowers.

Pink crochet roses and flowers

I had an idea to create some lovely crochet roses to sit alongside the smaller flowers and tiny buttons and I’m really pleased with how it came out.


Beautiful bunting for a little girl with a beautiful name.

Each crochet name bunting project is made by hand, by me to order so you can choose any color or combination of colors and design. If you’ve got something in mind or an idea get in touch at; I love a challenge!  If you fancy some inspiration, I have a gallery on Pinterest of some of the commissions I have done for crochet name bunting. Let your imagination go!

Millie x

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