Purple Stripe Owl Hat

Purple Stripe owl hatPurple stripe owl hat for a new baby.

This is a little purple stripe owl hat for a baby that is yet to be born – how exciting!  The ‘flavour’ of the baby isn’t known so this little owl hat has been made ‘unisex’.   It is three different colours of purple (easy on the pale lilac as I think that can be a bit girly) and cream and linen in lovely stripes.  This little owl doesn’t have a flower at the ear like the ‘girl’ owls I normally do, in case it turns out to be a boy 🙂

purple stripe owl hat

I think purple is a great colour for a baby if you are having a surprise – but of course I do lots of hats, including owls in other unisex colours like green and grey.

Owl hats are made of 100% cotton yarn which is very soft and supple, perfect for tiny little heads and very importantly breathable. There are no seams or nasty sharp bits or labels on any of my hats so they are great for little ones when they are lying down.

purple stripe owl hat

Baby hats are a joy to make – it is such a privilege to make something, either as a gift or for the parents.

Babies and children’s hats come in 5 main sizes – newborn (as a rough guide this lasts up until 4-6 weeks old), 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-18 months and 18 months -6 years.  Then the size increment gets much bigger and are typically 6 years – 12 years and then grown up! Babies and children’s heads, like adults vary a lot but all of my hats have plenty of stretch in them due to the construction though.

Owl hats are £19 each including free UK postage and packing and I can do them in any colour or combination you fancy. To order please email me at millie@rubyandcustard.com.

I make a huge range of hats, some of which, like the knight’s helmet owl hats and monkey hats are available almost immediately and I also do lots of other hats which take a little bit longer which I make as commissions including the spaceman helmet hat, robot hat and even a crochet crown hat! There is a little gallery of some of my creations on Pinterest so if you have an idea please get in touch at millie@rubyandcustard.com, I do love a challenge!

Millie x


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