Ruby & Custard in Ideal Home – how do you get featured in a home magazine?

Ruby and Custard Ideal Home feature

Ruby and Custard Ideal Home feature – what have I been up to now?

The eagle eyed and fans of UK interiors magazine, Ideal Home, may have spotted Ruby & Custard in the latest (December 2014) issue.

There are some photos of my house (looking the tidiest it has ever been!), junior and baby Custard and a whole lot of beautiful Christmas decorations!

The shoot was actually done back in July, on the hottest day of the year which was a bit surreal – when I lit the log burner it upped the temperature to something along the lines of what I imagine the sun may be like on a cool day 🙂
 Ruby and Custard Ideal Home feature 2014

It has been so hard to not mention it all this time! It was so much fun, the day before had been junior Custard’s birthday and she thought the whole thing had been laid on for her birthday! She loved the attention and revelled in her opportunity to be a ‘star’, making mince pies at the kitchen table and helping the stylist decorate the Christmas tree.

I have already been asked the same questions about a hundred times already – how did I get to be in Ideal Home? Well the truth is, I asked! I have always had a private ambition to be in Ideal Home – I love it and pore over every edition each month. So, when there was a brief moment in time when my house was tidy I took some photos on my iPhone, emailed them in, and the rest is history!

Craft room Ruby and custard Ideal Home feature

My life attitude has always comprised of 2 things: “don’t ask, don’t get” and “a lack of talent will never stand in my way!”.

In damning praise from someone who shall remain nameless, my house is very “achievable”. It really is a 3 bedroom terraced house, not an 8 bedroom mansion, but I love it!

The second question has been “is your house always that tidy?”. The honest answer is no! I have 2 small children and a very busy life! I plan to frame a copy and put it in the loo so that when people visit my house and it looks like a tip, I can give them a reference point for what it could look like…!

So, unsolicited advice of the day: if you want something to happen then ask; you never know until you try! Now back to the plans for world domination. Mwah hah, hah, hah!


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