Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet feature

Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet July 2016Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet feature now out!  I was lucky enough to be asked by Inside Crochet magazine to share a bit about the Ruby & Custard book and the space I created it in and it has now been published this month!

I love Inside Crochet magazine for the mix of modern patterns and inspiration and I always enjoy reading the ‘My Space’ feature – it’s fascinating to see where people come up with their creative ideas!

Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet feature July 2016

Obviously I had to do an awful lot of tiding up before the photos and it is a difficult room to photograph anyway with being an attic but I’m really pleased at how it came out; and of course I have a much tidier studio to boot!

The reason the cover is a bit wonky in the photo above is that the children seized upon my copy to take it ‘show and tell’ at school and I think it must have been passed around a bit as it came back a bit dog-eared. They love seeing themselves in magazines but they are both now starting to expect to appear in them… 🙂

This month’s Inside Crochet has the most beautiful patterns and I am definitely going to be making this shawl – just look at the beautiful delicate stitches and wonderful colours! A perfect Summer holiday project I think!

Inside Crochet shawl

Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet feature and local press!

The Ruby and Custard Inside Crochet feature comes hot on the heels of my guest appearance in the local paper – The Times of Tunbridge Wells! It’s been all go! 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying some improved weather to get creative in,

Millie xxx


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