Pink rose crochet name bunting

I love creating crochet name bunting. I treat each order like a mini commission and I take a brief and create a design which I get approved before starting work. Treating each order like this means that I get to be really creative and I can work with the customer to change little elements if {Read More…}

Blue stars crochet name bunting for a boy

I have just finished a lovely commission for some personalized crochet name bunting, in blue, decorated with stars. The crochet name bunting was designed to match a pale blue polka dot themed Christening for a little boy called Freddie. It was such a lovely brief and I really enjoyed doing this bunting.  Its in three {Read More…}

Crochet crowns for a royal baby!

Congratulations to William and Kate! It is genuinely the best thing that will ever happen to you! And of course I have something that would be perfect for the newest royal – a crochet crown!  Ah, well I would say that wouldn’t I….? 🙂 Each crown is handmade by me using high quality, 100% cotton {Read More…}

Crochet Blue Owl Hats

Blue owl hats are flying! It’s Summer here in the UK, although some days you wouldn’t know it! Last week the weather did perk up a bit and we had a few warm days which curiously coincided with a flurry of orders for hats, in particular blue owl hats! Owl hats are handmade of 100% {Read More…}

Handmade bunting for a shared bedroom

A shared bedroom handmade bunting challenge! I was recently set a bit of a challenge – to create some handmade bunting for brother and sister twins. The challenge was in finding a design that would be girly enough and boyish enough to appeal and to use colors that would work together in a shared room. {Read More…}

Crochet crowns for a photo shoot

Crochet crowns, handmade and decorated with lovely, big, colourful buttons are the perfect accessory for a photo shoot. They are suitable for boys and girls and they are bright and fun to look at. Here are some photos from a shoot that was done last year by a brilliant American photographer, Agata Domanska, using one of {Read More…}

Crochet sock monkey bag

I’ve been having some crochet fun and making some very useful, little, smiling monkeys – bags! Each bag has sticky out ears, shiny button eyes and a plenty of space for all the precious things a little girl may need to carry around with her 🙂 So far I’ve done two colour ways in shades of pink {Read More…}

Pale pink and blue crochet sock monkey

I’ve just finished a special monkey hat for a gorgeous little girl called Ellis. Her parents bought a pink owl hat and she wore it to a photo shoot and the pictures her were just gorgeous.  So in return for permission to use a couple for my shop I agreed to make her a very {Read More…}

Blue and chocolate brown crochet owl hat

I’ve just finished a special order for an owl hat for a young lady I met at the ‘Handmade with Love’ craft fair in Tunbridge Wells a couple of weeks ago. She chose a lovely blue owl hat for her cousin and had been saving her pocket money up so she could buy one for {Read More…}


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