Happy Crochet Christmas

Happy Crochet Christmas to you all! Sorry I have been so quiet of late – the crochet book deadline is looming large on the horizon!  I have 5 weeks to go and 6 patterns left to write and of course all of the how to and helpful hints section – it’s going to be a {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas hat season is here!

Tomorrow brings us to just one month away from Christmas Eve and judging by the volume of orders it is definitely Christmas hat season! We have the beautiful extra long tail, handmade elf Christmas hats which are finished with a big pom pom.  Currently we have all sizes from very little to proper grown up  {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas Hats – Special Offers!

Christmas hats are a firm favorite in our house.  As a child we used to have a tradition of a Christmas hat competition – everyone had to make or source a Christmas hat to wear on Christmas morning and we loved it! Following feedback from last year, this year we have handmade crochet reindeer hats {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations are a wonderful craft project and it’s not too late to start!  I love decorating my home for Christmas and like to be ready as close to 1st December as possible – I know, there are plenty of people who are entitled to their opinion that it all starts to early but {Read More…}

Crochet Heart Mistletoe Decoration

A mistletoe decoration definitely signal that the Christmas season is on its way… and in fact there are now just 60 days until the big day! This is a handmade mistletoe kissing heart decoration. A twisted clematis heart wreath, hung with cream gross grain ribbon and decorated with handmade, crochet mistletoe and pearl beads in {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas elf hats

I know, it’s still a long time to Christmas but little helpers need their outfits early! I did handmade crochet Christmas elf hats last year and I had sold out by the end of October so I feel it’s OK to start talking about them at the beginning of October this year! Each Christmas elf {Read More…}

Handmade Crochet Reindeer Hats

Christmas is definitely coming; The first handmade crochet reindeer hat of the year has been purchased and dispatched, and very curiously I saw a woman carrying a real Christmas tree through London Bridge station yesterday afternoon! Ruby & Custard handmade crochet reindeer hats were so much fun last year that I am doing them again {Read More…}


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