Baby Minion Hat Story

Baby Minion hat in action! I love to see photos of my creations in action – it is so lovely to see something I have made being used, worn and loved! This gorgeous little chap is modelling a baby minion hat! He is based in America and loves Minions as much as I do! Isn’t {Read More…}

Multiple Minion hats

Minion hats…I’m getting good at them…or not as the case may be!!! I received an order of a Minion hat from America last week – it’s so lovely to think that people around the world are looking at this blog! Anyway, I sat down and started to create a lovely new goggle-wearing little alien and {Read More…}

Handmade minion hat – another 2!

  Handmade Minion hats (or little yellow, goggle-wearing aliens if anyone from film or image rights owners is looking) have become a much in demand item! After the first handmade minion hat I received lots of inquiries, but it was just before Christmas and baby Custard was busy reminding me just how much work brand {Read More…}


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