Crochet mistletoe bunch brooch

  Crochet mistletoe bunch brooch – a great adaptation of a simple pattern! I love to take a simple idea or crochet pattern and think about how it could be adapted or changed to become something else.  I was asked by a lovely lady who wanted a piece of crochet mistletoe if I could make and {Read More…}

Crochet Heart Mistletoe Decoration

A mistletoe decoration definitely signal that the Christmas season is on its way… and in fact there are now just 60 days until the big day! This is a handmade mistletoe kissing heart decoration. A twisted clematis heart wreath, hung with cream gross grain ribbon and decorated with handmade, crochet mistletoe and pearl beads in {Read More…}

Crochet mistletoe brooch

Check out these little crochet mistletoe brooches!  Each one is individually crocheted using high quality, soft cotton yarn, with three individual pearl beads as mistletoe berries, mounted onto a metal lapel pin and displayed on a piece of backing card! Each crochet mistletoe brooch is mounted on a card with on of three different messages {Read More…}


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