Terry’s Chocolate Orange Chicken

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Chicken – ready for Easter! Ok, so I might have become a little bit obsessed about crocheting around chocolate items (see Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cover pattern for more evidence) and maybe it is the effect of lockdown that keeps me reaching for chocolate items but I am little bit obsessed with these chickens!

I happened to have a chocolate orange leftover from Christmas and I found myself musing what it could become and ta dah – a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Chicken was born!

As well as being absolutely delicious, the chocolate orange is particularly good for this pattern as it has a ‘flat bottom’ meaning the little chickens stand up right! They probably could be made to be stuffed rather than filled with chocolate…but where’s the fun in that?

I love their little faces which give them personality – so far these have been named (from left to right) Elvis, Archibald and Mable. Great chicken names!

They are really fun to make and use standard DK yarn which is great for using up ends of balls and busting a bit of your stash. The pattern is available to purchase on LoveCrafts.com for £2 so why not get a head start on your Easter gifts and decorations and start making some little chickens!

Millie x

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