Wedding cards Bunting

handmade wedding cards bunting Wedding cards bunting! I think this is a brilliant idea – bunting placed over a vintage suitcase at a wedding to show guests where to leave their cards! So simple but very effective! wedding cards bunting This wedding cards bunting was made to order as a gift for the bride and groom by a repeat customer.  I think it is just lovely; the bride and groom get something useful, beautiful and handmade to match their colour scheme and they get to keep it after the big day as a keepsake 🙂 wedding cards bunting vintage This was the first time I had created something like this – it is the idea from my personalised name bunting but made into mini-bunting to fit a vintage suitcase. wedding cards bunting In my time crocheting I have had lots of creative challenges, but for some reason this challenge got the better of me!  I had the dimensions of the suitcase but it still took 3 attempts to get it to fit!  I do now know what I was doing wrong (it turns out my spacial awareness and counting are not that hot!) and the customer and bride were happy…and I have a string of cards bunting, complete with hand sewn felt letters, in my new studio!  My string of bunting will serve as a constant reminder that I must use a tape measure and double check what I am doing! 🙂

Wedding cards bunting

Wedding cards bunting is made to order – so you can choose the dimensions and colours and designs.  I can do almost anything – roses, mixed flowers, stars…in a rainbow of colours! Just let me know what you fancy! Price is determined on size and complexity of design but starts at £20 and includes free UK postage and packing!

Buy it in the Ruby and Custard shop or email and I will happily create a free, no obligation design for you 🙂

If you are in the mood for some more ‘vintage wedding’ ideas then head on over to Pinterest, there is loads of inspiration, including a little board I have pulled together! Millie x



  1. I love your bunting colours. You’ve inspired me with a new project!

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